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About Us

In 1918, Henry Ford asked one of his trusted quality engineers, Philip S. Arnold to improve the quality of his automotive parts. In the basement of his home, Philip invented and began building in-process grinding gages for Ford and other automotive companies. These gages became so popular that he founded the ARNOLD GAUGE Company in Flint, Michigan.

In 1973, the Bruns family brought ARNOLD GAUGE to Cincinnati, Ohio.  Since then, we have expanded our offerings to include precision measuring solutions ranging from small GO/NO gages, to fully automated robot loaded machines checking 25 features, every 30 seconds, 24×7.

With a tradition of nearly 100 years and over 75,000 ARNOLD gages, we proudly continue to provide the world’s finest “in-process” measurement solutions.We strive to utilize the latest in people, process, design, and technology to provide you with the finest measurement solutions possible.