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Custom Solutions

Custom Measurement Solutions

  • Is your Quality Lab Overloaded?
  • Thinking about buying a new CMM to keep up with demand, but can’t justify the cost and additional staff?
  • Need higher inspection levels and full traceability?
  • Implementing “Quality at the Source”?
  • Want to measure parts closer to the manufacturing process, providing immediate feedback to the operator?
  • Can’t find a solution in a catalog, and only receive no-quotes from current vendors?
  • Need a gage that measures multiple attributes and passes a 10% GR&R with a tight tolerance?
  • Have a tough gaging problem and Mikes and Calipers just don’t cut it?

We have tackled hundreds of measurement problems for our customers in many industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Defense
  • Consumer Products

Send your part print today! We’ll work with you to provide the best measurement solution!

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