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LR Grinding Gauge

OD grinding just got easier…

1Introducing the Arnold IN-PROCESS Grinding gage

Simple – After setting the gage on a known size, production grinding is a breeze! Simply grind until the indicator returns to zero. There is no need to stop the machine to check size, and all guesswork is eliminated. A spring mounting provides sensitive support during grinding, and retracts the gage out of the way during part loading. Installation is also fast and easy. Order one today, and start gaging tomorrow.

Rugged – The Arnold grinding gage stands up to any harsh grinding environment. Tungsten carbide contact points guarantee maximum wear resistance and longer life.

Precise – Each gage is hand fitted to insure accuracy and repeatability up to .0001″ (.003mm)
Proven – Since 1918, over 75,000 satisfied customers have been saving time and money using Arnold gages.

Cost effective – The Arnold grinding gage pays for itself in no time.

Time savings + eliminated scrap=$$$


It’s versatile too!

2Gage more than diameters! The Arnold gage indicates run-out, chatter, and eccentricity. In addition, it can easily be modified to check:
[list_circle] [li]multiple diameters[/li] [li]taper[/li] [li]interrupted diameters[/li] [li]widths between shoulders[/li] [li]widths over shoulders[/li] [li]shoulder to shoulder[/li] [/list_circle]



caliperSingle Diameter(available range: .187 to 20.000″)
Especially suited for extended production runs or repeating job lots. Each caliper is lapped to exact size and marked. When ordering, please specify gage model and finished diameter.

Adjustable (3/16-1½, 1-3″, 3-5″, 5-8″, 8-12″, above 12″ in 1″ increments)
Perfect for frequent diameter changes. The graduated scale and back contact are locked with set screws after setting the diameter.

Spline (available range: .375 to 10.000″)
Great for gaging over interrupted surfaces (splines, keyways, flats, etc.). Each caliper is lapped to exact size and marked. The upper contact is hinged from a spring pivot, allowing the caliper jaws to open when engaging the work-piece. Please supply a part print showing interruptions and finished diameter.


Dial Indicators


All gage models use C-size AGD dial indicators with a special dovetail back. Available features include: .0005″, .0001″, and .00005″ resolution, double dial, tolerance hands, and metric units.

The indicators directly engage the plunger within the gage frame at a 1:1 ratio. There is no linkage to affect gaging accuracy. A cam adjustmentpermits zeroing the indicator to a finished work-piece or master.


System 2000C (Automatic grinding control system)

Get the most out of your Arnold gage with the System 2000C. Connected to an electronic probe, this system automatically controls the grinder feed cycle.


[list_circle] [li]Initial stage: part size is continuously monitored at a preset coarse feed rate[/li] [li]Switching point #1: signals a preset fine feed rate (set at approx. .010″ from size)[/li] [li]Switching point #2: in-feed stops and the grinder dwells to allow “spark-out”[/li] [li]Switching point #3: retracts the wheel when the part reaches the desired size[/li] [/list_circle]


Installation is quick and simple… a single bolt secures the gage to your grinder. An engineering package is available to quickly adapt the gage to most grinders with automatic in-feed. For quotation, please include machine make, model # and work-piece diameter.